Hear from Members

#QMConnect With Ideas You Can Use

QM Connect is the go-to conference for online and blended learning professionals. There, one can connect with like-minded individuals as well as fresh ideas to improve the learner experience. Discover how K-12 and higher ed attendees benefit from participating in the conference and how their quality assurance journeys are impacted by what they find there.

Behind the Scenes of Exemplary Program Status

QM Exemplary Program Status is the highest level of quality certification for online programs. It is earned when an institution earns individual QM Program Certifications in four key areas — Online Program Design, Online Teaching Support, Online Learner Support, and Online Learner Success — within three years. Go behind the scenes of the certification process with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to learn more about what’s involved and the benefits it provides.

The Intersection of Quality and Quantity

Getting a lot done in a short amount of time can be a challenge. We might have to sacrifice a little quality to get the output we need. But can quality and quantity go hand in hand? The answer is “YES!” according to the University of North Florida and Athens State University, and many other members that have reached critical mass with QM-Certified courses. Read up on how quality for learners and institutional objectives can be achieved by going all in on course reviews.