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Helping you deliver on your online promise

With online learning, everyone has a goal. Learners need to improve and grow. You work to nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs. Our goal — as a non-profit, quality assurance organization — is to provide a system to help you deliver on that promise: with review, improvement and certification of quality.

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Over 1000 studies: sorted, sifted, scrutinized.

Solid research is the foundation — and catalyst for improvement — of the QM Quality Assurance process.

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Learn, share, connect.

QM Conferences and resources give you access to the QM community — roughly 100,000 strong, with over 1,500 member institutions in the US and internationally.

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The gold standard for courses, programs and more.

From general to specific, QM provides a pathway for benchmarking quality. Objectively. Repeatedly. Predictably.

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QA & Peer Review

Robust, objective, expert input.

With 8,000 certified reviewers, our exclusive system puts you on track to reach quality assurance goals and improve student achievement.

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Professional Development

Get in depth and maximize QM.

Strengthen your expertise with workshops and resources focused on improving quality. Broaden your skill set with courses for QM Roles.

Get Started on the Path of Continuous Improvement


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Chief Online Officers surveyed in early 2023 about online learning arrangements in Fall 2022 indicate that student demand for online and hybrid learning is growing and that institutions are working to meet this increased demand. Read the report and attend the overview webinar on August 22 to learn more.

Start Using the Seventh Edition!

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The QM Higher Ed Rubric, Seventh Edition is now available! Higher Ed courses submitted for Official Review will now be reviewed using the new edition. If you're a QM member, remember to complete the free Rubric Update session and order Rubric Workbooks. A special thank you to the Rubric Committee for their contributions and work on this updated version. See notes about the Seventh Edition and a list of the Specific Review Standards on the Higher Ed Rubric web page.

Workshops That Fit Your Schedule

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Whether you're looking to improve a course, design a course or learn how to use a QM Rubric for assessing course quality, QM has you covered with professional development options. We're offering eight workshops in the virtual modality in 2023 to help you continuously improve. There are also online versions for seven of these workshops.

Find Out if QM is Right for You

If you’ve been looking for solutions to help ensure that learners are engaging with high-quality courses, QM has them. Through course improvement, professional development and robust review processes, QM empowers you to deliver on the promise of online learning.

What is a QM-Certified Course?


A QM-Certified Course is an online or blended course that has met QM Standards for a QM Rubric in an Official Course Review. Once certified, organizations can display the QM Certification Mark to demonstrate their commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Learn About QM Rubric Standards

QM’s five Rubrics are comprised of General and Specific Review Standards, allowing for complete course review. The Standards are research-supported and based on published best practices. QM Rubrics are an essential part of creating, certifying and maintaining quality course design.

Every Implementation Tells A Story

“I loved participating in the QM Colleague Program…it helps to talk with someone who has been through the process and knows what works.”

Diane Pisacreta from Saint Louis Community College, Professor

“Having our online programs Quality Matters certified will distinguish them in the marketplace where students have so many choices these days."

Garvey Pyke from UNC Charlotte, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

"Since participating in the QM K-12 Reviewer Course, I have a much better grasp of the rubric, including a deeper understanding of each standard and any corresponding annotation."

Anthony White from Kodiak Island Borough School District, Statewide Virtual Content and STEM Program Coordinator

"It is always refreshing to attend a QM Conference. The enthusiasm and collaboration felt is contagious in a good way."

Maria Fernandez from California State University, Los Angeles


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