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There are so many ways to connect with the QM community. Whether you are building a case for quality assurance in online learning or have been using QM to certify course design, these sites and resources will put you in touch with a passionate group dedicated to delivering on the promise of online learning.


QM Conferences

Whether you are a new or seasoned QM Member (or interested in joining QM), engaging with the QM Community in-person can transform your outlook on the world of online education. Administrators, educators, instructional designers, and education thought leaders will find the sessions, workshops and panel discussions inspiring to their efforts for creating and maintaining quality online learning.

QM Instructional Designers Association

QM Instructional Designers Association

Connect with Instructional Designers from across the country and around the world who are also QM Members. Your QM membership allows you — or the Instructional Designers in your organization — to sign up for free. Once you're part of this passionate group dedicated to quality course design, you're encouraged to:


Join iQM to Connect Internationally

A special interest group dedicated to promoting QM to the international community, particularly non-English speaking countries/regions. Members are professionals in the QM community and well-versed in QM. They have expertise in foreign languages, diverse cultures and/or experience working with communities outside USA. With 200+ members, the association covers over 20 major foreign languages. To join, please complete the iQM Association Membership Application — available in MyQM in My Tools<Role Applications. Questions? Contact Yaping Gao, Senior Academic Director, Member Services & Partnerships


QM YouTube Channel


Make LinkedIn Connections

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Interact & Share with @QMProgram

Following QM on X (formerly Twitter) is a great way to connect with conference presenters and participants. You’ll also hear from Members on how they use QM and work to champion quality assurance at their organizations. You can follow QM Staff to stay up to date on speaking engagements and important insights on education topics of the day: 


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