How does attending a QM Conference help my organization?

If you need to communicate the value of attending a QM Conference to your supervisor, colleagues or others in you organization, here a few tips:

Take Aways, Strategies and Connections

You'll get valuable tools and takeaways you'll be able to bring to your institutions and organizations to use right away. You'll network with colleagues who have overcome challenges you or your organization may be facing. List sessions you plan to attend.

Interaction for Innovation

Get the latest information on what's happening in online education and learn how your colleagues are improving courses and learner engagement. Bring the challenges you face. Networking with other professionals offers multiple opportunities to compare best practices and discover solutions. 

Return on Investment

Conference attendance offers:

  • Valuable networking opportunities with colleagues invested in improving learner engagement and outcomes
  • Opportunities to hear about the latest research, innovations, and ideas in education
  • Exhibitors with products and services you may find useful
Be Passionate!

The more passionate you are, the more likely your supervisor and others in your office will want to send you. If you exude confidence and passion for more training, people will be eager to see what you bring back.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Early-bird rates combined with booking a room through the QM hotel room block offer the best value. 

When applicable, discounts for registering five or more people at the same time, offer substantial savings.

Write a Letter to Make Your Case

A printed letter or email that ties your attendance to personal, departmental and/or organizational goals can help you make your case for attending. Here's a sample:

To: Supervisor/Manager or Board, etc.


QM’s [Name of Conference] is an opportunity for me to learn new ways to advance our quality assurance initiative, experience innovative ideas to improve courses, discover solutions to student engagement and find new trends to apply to our programs.


QM’s [Name of Conference] is an opportunity for me to engage with education professionals throughout the sessions of education and networking events to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones. Sitting side by side with administrators, faculty, and instructional designers, I will be able to establish new connections and learn from innovative ideas at work.  This meeting will allow me to engage with attendees while applying new strategies to solve our challenges in innovative ways.


I plan to achieve the following three objectives: (Example – To take back five innovative ideas that I can implement in my position)  

  • Objective 1:
  • Objective 2:
  • Objective 3:

I plan to attend the following sessions to achieve my objectives and discover new tools and trends I can bring back and implement within our organization. (list out the session ROI information from your worksheet and any additional sessions you plan to attend to improve your skillset.

  • Session 1:
  • Session 2:
  • Session 3:

I look forward to bringing my key takeaways back to implement and share with our team to improve efficiency and productivity and to positively impact our institution.

The total cost for my attendance is $ (include the details from your calculations based on current fees)



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