Quality Assurance Begins with a Set of Standards

To achieve your goals for delivering quality online learning, you need everyone to agree on what the expectations are. You need trustworthy standards that foster objective feedback on course design. QM Rubrics and Standards were created to help course developers, teachers, faculty, entire organizations, and — most importantly — students. The General Standards and Specific Review Standards in each Rubric are intended to guide you through the development, evaluation, and improvement of your online and blended courses. Meeting these quality expectations at or above the 85% level is key to certifying the quality of your courses.

We Start with Research

The QM Rubrics are supported by literature reviews of online learning research. Our Research Library contains a searchable database of curated research relating to the Rubrics. QM periodically examines and updates the Rubrics on a regular basis to reflect new findings in ongoing literature reviews and to ensure each Rubric is supported by research from the field.

We Incorporate Best Practices

It’s not enough to look at only what’s been studied. Moving beyond what the research reveals, the QM Rubrics also incorporate best practices from those on the front lines: the course developers and instructors. When online courses are well-designed, organizations are more likely to see an increase in student engagement, learning, and overall satisfaction. We help you accomplish these goals through the General Standards of each Rubric and the Online Teaching Skills Set used to inform competencies for online instruction.


Higher ed rubric standards

Intended for assessing quality and assisting the course design of online and blended courses for higher education.
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K-12 Rubric Standards

Specifically tailored for assessing quality and assisting course design of elementary, middle and high school online and blended courses.
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continuing and professional education rubric icon


Tailored to assist in the design and evaluation of instructor-led, mentored, or self-managed online and blended courses that have pass/fail, skills-based or other completion/certification criteria, but do not carry academic credit.
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Higher Ed publisher rubric icon


A set of quality design standards for diverse publisher products provided on Learning Management System (LMS) platforms.
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A set of standards to guide the review of online and blended publisher courses intended for use by K-12 schools and districts.
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instructor skill set standards icon


A validated set of skills for online instructors used to create competencies for the QM Teaching Online Certificate and inform future quality assurance tools for teaching.
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