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'My Favorite Activity was the Group Project.' -- GASP! How did that Happen?

Sixty-seven percent of the students in an online freshman seminar class reported that the group project was their favorite activity. In this session, we will discuss how the instructor used Quality Matters recommendations, transparency, and inclusive design to transform the group presentation experience from disastrous to delightful. We will apply QM, TILT, and inclusive design to real projects, and discuss how you can use these concepts to enhance the group projects in your classes.

'You Want Me to do What?': How to Create Amazingly Clear and Impactful Assignments with QM Standards

Imagine that you are at your first day in a new college course. What is the first thing you look over? Without a doubt, it is the course syllabus, the provided road map of every course that has the innate ability to make or break a student's experience. More specifically, the assignments required are what we are essentially drawn to and focus in on throughout a course. Are they interesting? Are they confusing? Are they overwhelming? 

3 Systems - 3 Approaches! Everything I Wanted to Learn About Managing My Own QM Reviews and Peer Reviewers

Hear perspectives from CA State, Kent State, and Minnesota State on lessons learned, favorite tools and tips for managing subscriber managed course reviews, tracking data, and growing your reviewer pool. Leave with great ideas and takeaways for implementation at your institution.

Academic Integrity in an Interconnected World

Academic institutions seem to be facing an accelerating threat to integrity and, consequently, to the credibility of academic degrees (especially those earned online). Growing in both number and scope, these incidents include - but go well beyond - student cheating. For example, acquisition and sale of an institution's course material, such as assignments and exams, appears to be increasing through both the manipulation of students to share materials and cyber attacks.

Academic Rigor

Academic rigor is promised by educational institutions, but translation from theory to practice poses challenges. This session explores attendees' definitions, interprets QM Standards as evidence of rigor, and solicits areas needing further research.

Begin Here: Writing Quality Learning Objectives

This session will address the issue that faculty struggle in writing well-formed learning objectives. Learning Objectives are a key element in the Quality Matters rubric, forming the basis for determinations of alignment. Yet in my experience as a faculty member and instructional designer few instructors have formal training in organizing a course, especially when it comes to stating the learning objectives of the course in observable and measurable terms.

Charting a Course to Quality Student learning

Sometimes students’ learning experience is off course from the syllabus or course outline. Quite often faculty are not course designers, but subject matter experts navigating through unchartered territory called course design. Chart a course to quality student learning by mapping course and module objectives to learning activities and assessments. In this session, learn how college faculty use a performance-based course design model and tool to ensure a quality learning experience for their students.  

Chief Online Learning Officers Perspectives on Management, Governance, and Quality Assurance

The chief online officer is gaining influence in schools where online learning is becoming a mainstream activity. This session will compare CHLOE Survey results with the experience of a panel of four chief online officers regarding their management role and involvement in online quality assurance.

Comparing Students' Scores Pre/Post Quality Matters Certification for Program Quality Assurance

Nursing faculty responsible for the Quality Assurance (QA) of one of our state’s largest online nursing programs will present a Quality Talk. Our question is “What is the difference in students’ scores before and after QM certification for the eight core courses of an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program?” We will use story-telling technique to share transformation of online courses into a complete QM certified program for registered nurses (RNs) earning a BSN.