Connecting the Dots to Create a Quality Map for Online Programs


As those of us well versed in QM know, the primary focus of the rubric is design. While quality design is an essential component of a quality online program, it is not the only component required to achieve overall quality assurance. Those of us who have taken the APPQMR would also recognize the pie image that is a trademark training piece of this workshop. While participants of the APPQMR are made aware of the fact that QM does not try to address all pieces of the pie, they are often hear about how the other pieces could be effectively addressed. How do you address the entire pie would be an overarching question. How do ensure that each piece of the pie is addressed to achieve overall program quality would be the problem that this presentation will address. This is important to educators because the best designed course will fall flat if the delivery expectations of online faculty are lacking, or student support is nowhere to be found. This presentation will discuss the components of a five year strategic plan that I put together that addresses course design, delivery, and content, institutional infrastructure, LMS, and faculty and student readiness. We are currently in year 3 of the plan and at a point that I am able to share information about processes that have been effective. I plan to play off of this year's conference theme by referring to each component listed as a dot and this presentation promises to provide participants a map of connected dots, along with implementation ideas to take with them.

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