Celebrate Collaboration! An Internal Roundtable QM Review Team Model


Finding ways to increase faculty collaboration for the QM course review process is invaluable. I have developed a six-step process for performing an internal collaborative roundtable QM review: 1) Course Selection - Identify which course(s) you plan to review during the roundtable meeting via internal selection processes and notify course representative/instructor; 2) Recruit Internal QM Reviewers - Solicit roundtable review participants via internal recruitment processes; 3) Logistics of Review - Dates, times and locations of roundtable QM review meetings as well as ensuring all review participants are in myCR; 4) Review - The roundtable QM review takes place at designated date, time and location; 5) Report Findings to Course Representative - Meet with course representative to go over findings of roundtable QM review and offer to help make course changes as outlined by the roundtable participants; 6) Follow-up of Course Updates - Follow-up with course representative regarding outlined changes that were proposed during the review. This six-step process can serve as a model for institutional entities to use as a more collaborative QM course review process.

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