Sharing How You Met QM Standards

If you've been a part of getting a course QM-Certified, you likely have insight to share with others working to meet QM Standards. Show the QM community how you met QM Standards — and help others do the same — with a video that showcases your hard work. 

What Should My Video Look Like?

Create a video using screencasts to highlight how you used either the HE or K-12 Rubrics to meet a Specific Review Standard. Keep it under five minutes in length with clear video and audio. Don’t include any identifiable student information, and be sure to include captions. (Check out Jing for a video production tool and Enhance the Learning Experience with Screencasting to see which screencasting tools the QM Community recommends.)

How Do I Share My Video?

Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, add captions, and then submit it for review by using the Submission Form. Sample videos are already posted on the QM Showcase page. 

Does My Video Need to be About a Specific Topic?

Your video can be about any Specific Review Standard from recent QM Rubric editions. See details and videos on the QM Showcase page — get ideas for your video, or just watch and learn from the QM Community. 

Wren Mills from Western Kentucky University had this to say about creating her video, “It was really easy to put together a QM Showcase of Best Practice video. I decided on the practice I wanted to share, and then I consulted the Rubric to be sure I was aligned with it in what I did. Next, I drafted a script, which my student workers used to make the captions. I pulled up the screens I wanted to show in my video, and then I used Mediasite, our campus lecture capture system, to make the video, but I could have used Screencast-O-Matic, as well. Next, I sent it to our transcription team for captions, and last I downloaded it in mp4 format to upload to YouTube and then shared the link with QM. The entire process took me less than an hour, and part of that was waiting for the captions to be made from my script.”

We look forward to your submission! Contact with questions.