K-12 Building Institutional Capacity for Quality Assurance Series

Building capacity for quality assurance in online learning at the school or district level is the best way to leverage your QM membership and develop a culture of quality. Professional development is an integral part of the pathway for faculty and staff to scale into QM processes and become effective stewards of quality assurance. By completing this recommended series of workshops, faculty and staff can take the next steps in gaining expertise and practical knowledge for creating quality online courses for learners. Faculty and staff can also develop the skills needed to participate in the official course review process — the best expression of a commitment to quality.

To set up dedicated sessions for one or more of these workshops, please contact QM's Professional Development Registrar or complete the form on this page.

Discounts based on number of participants and workshops to be completed are available.

Fee with Membership
$195 - $220 per workshop/course based on selection
$220 - $275 per workshop/course based on selection
Additional Information
Recommended for Faculty:

In addition to the courses listed, it is also recommended that faculty complete the Teaching Online Certificate series of workshops.

Recommended for QM Coordinators:

QMCs should complete the QM Coordinator Training and the Course Review Management Certification course.

Recommended for those facilitating professional development:

Depending on an institution's membership, staff may become certified to deliver QM workshops in online or face-to-face modality. The first step is to complete the appropriate facilitator training course. For example, schools and districts with the K-12 Training License can enroll staff in the K-12 Online Facilitator Certification for APP (K-12 AOFC) or K-12 Face-to-Face Facilitator Certification for APP (K-12 AFFC) courses and deliver the APPQMR at their institutions independently. This could save the institution both time and resources in moving their quality assurance plan forward.