Self Reviews

The Self-Review tool is available for you to use individually with any membership type. Using the Self-Review tool, you can examine the different design components of an online course and begin to understand the best practices that create quality courses. This tool — along with the QM Rubric — enables you to start implementing QM Standards, which are supported by current research and recognized best practices, in order to improve the quality of a course.

The Self-Review tool allows you to confidentially evaluate your own course against the QM Rubric. Upon completion of a Self-Review, you have access to a Final Report that may be emailed to whomever you choose.

Planning the Use of Course Reviews

As a new member, start by outlining your goals, becoming familiar with QM review tools and review types, and then plan your pathway to receive QM Certification. You can begin by using the Self-Review tool — along with what you learn in our professional development workshops — to informally evaluate and improve the quality of your own online course. You can then use Internal Reviews to begin doing informal, collaborative reviews geared toward benchmarking improvements. This will help prepare your course for an Official Course Review and put it on the pathway to QM Certification. 

Inside MyQM you’ll find Course Review Worksheet examples and a video tutorial for the Self Review tool.