What are the minimum technology requirements for participating in QM professional development?

Online Courses and Workshops

Participants enrolled in an online course or workshop must have reliable access to a computer and high-speed Internet access. Other requirements include:

  1. Computer Requirements: 
    • Browser and Computer Requirements: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. See What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas? for more details. 
      • Courses and workshops requiring use of the QM Course Review Management System (CRMS): Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.
    • Screen Size: Canvas is best viewed at a minimum resolution of 800x600. Canvas recommends using the Canvas mobile app if you want to view Canvas on a device with a smaller screen. The app is called Canvas Student and is available for Android or Apple devices.
      Important: Some course/workshop materials are best viewed on a standard computing device, and there may be activities that require the use of tools that are only available on standard computing devices.
    • Ability to access Google Docs: if your institution restricts access to Google Docs, please work with your IT department, contact your facilitator, and/or access the Google Docs from a personal computer.
    • Microsoft Word
    • Accessibility: See What are the Canvas accessibility standards? for supported screen readers and browsers and other features.
  2. Internet Speed: Minimum bandwidth of 8 Mbps upload/download speed
  3. Listening & Speaking: Speakers or headphones can be used to listen to videos (closed captions are available).

Virtual Workshops

Full and half day workshops: See Zoom System Requirements. QM Live! and virtually delivered workshops may require participants to use a headset. Check the webpage for the workshop or contact your facilitator for details.

Two-hour workshops: See Engageli Technical Requirements.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Computer and internet access required.