How can the official QM Certification Mark be displayed once a course is QM Certified?

Courses that successfully meet QM Review Standards in an official course review are eligible to carry the QM Certification Mark that is specific to the QM Rubric version used in the course review.

The QM Certification Mark can be displayed on the course syllabus, course catalog or within the course in the organization’s learning management system. With the QM Certification Mark widget, institutions may also list the mark where they deem appropriate.

 The Quality Matters Certification Mark Widget Maker 

The Certification Mark Widget Maker will allow you to create a customized image that you can add to your website to identify a course that has been certified as meeting Quality Matters Standards. When embedded in your site, the code provided will display the certification mark on the page. Clicking the certification mark will take you to our page, which will display additional details about the course. 

Using the Certification Mark Widget Maker 

To access the Widget Maker, please log in to MyQM, select the Rubric used for the review (Higher Ed, K12, etc.) and then the Course Review Management System tab. Using the “My Course Reviews” section from the menu on the left side of the page, navigate to your “Closed Courses” list and select the “view” link in the table, next to your course. 

On the following page, click the “Certification Mark Embed Code” link, under the “Review Actions” heading.

The interface on the following page will allow you to set the dimensions of the Certification Mark, and also choose the background color for the mark to allow it to better blend in to the page on which you wish to use it. See example

Changing the "Width" value will increase or decrease the size of the Certification Mark, while retaining the appropriate overall dimensions. Changing the "Height" value will increase the height of the frame the Certification Mark will appear in on your page. 

You can also choose a “Light” or “Dark” Theme, which will switch the surrounding background of the  Certification Mark between white and black. See example 

Alternatively, the “Custom” option under the Theme heading will allow you to disable the background color of the Certification Mark (by selecting “None”) or set your own by clicking the color selector square. See example 

You can manually choose the color of the background with the color sliders, or set the background color using RGB values, HSB values, or an HTML color code. 

Each selection you make above, will alter the code listed at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve made all of your selections, copy the code snippet provided and paste it into the code for your website.