What is the Course Review Management System (CRMS)?

The CRMS is a secure, automated, online tool used by QM Members to manage official and internal course reviews. It's based on the QM Rubric(s) associated with your membership and is used to evaluate or certify the design of online and blended courses.

Members use the CRMS throughout the course review process to collect, store and share course information with both the review team and the review's sponsor. The CRMS tracks each review's progress from initiation through completion. Automated features guide each participant as they move through the process, notifying individuals by e-mail of actions required as the review progresses. The CRMS gathers reviewer feedback and recommendations and produces a final report of the review's outcome. If a course needs amendments to meet standards, the CRMS guides the Chair and Course Representative through the amendment process.

Review sponsors use the CRMS to track the progress of open reviews, report on recognized courses and obtain course certificates and certification marks for display on recognized courses.

Access to the CRMS requires a MyQM account and a QM Membership that includes CRMS access. All faculty and staff of a subscribing organization become QM Members.

If you are a subscribing Member with CRMS access, you can select the CRMS link for your membership area using the links below and the system will direct you there once you have logged into MyQM.