K-12 Assessing Learning Remotely QM Live! Series

Moving online quickly means that some of your faculty and staff may need to readjust their planned assessments. In pivoting to remote learning, we may need to reimagine how the learning is assessed. The following series of workshops addresses various aspects of assessment, including assessing learners through remote learning activities.

Faculty who complete this package will be able to:
  1. Determine the best type of assessments for stated learning objectives
  2. Use action verbs from Bloom’s taxonomy to ensure learning objectives are measurable
  3. Design or redesign assessments to align with learning objectives and engage learners
  4. Use proven strategies to design learning activities to promote active learning
  5. Provide learning opportunities and tools for learners to track their own learning

To set up dedicated sessions for one or more of these workshops, please contact QM's Professional Development Registrar or complete the form on this page.

Fee with Membership
$1,500.00 per workshop
$2,000.00 per workshop
Additional Information
  • These sessions are interactive and require that each participant log in on their own computer and use a headset. 
  • Choose one or several sessions for your group of up to 20 participants to achieve your goals.
  • Dedicated sessions can be set up for a time and date that is convenient for your group. You can also create your own series by selecting sessions from different categories. 
  • Fee is per workshop, with a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.