Full Subscription

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Full Subscription

This subscription is ideal for the organization that is ready to implement a quality assurance process and is interested in engaging faculty and staff in conducting Official Course Reviews. Your entire organization can use QM tools and resources to evaluate and enhance the quality of their online courses — and work toward certifying their programs. This subscription activates membership for your organization for one year. It includes:
One Organization: All Faculty & Staff
Fully annotated HE Rubric access
All Basic Subscription benefits PLUS:
License to facilitate APPQMR & Intro to QM
Option for an IYOC and/or DYOC license
Official Subscriber-Managed Course Reviews
Discounts on Official QM-Managed Course Reviews
MyQM & Course Review Management System
My Custom Reviews (MyCR)
Custom reports
Small (1-2 online programs): $2545/yr
Standard (3+ online programs): $3815/yr

Is this Membership right for your organization?

The Full Subscription works best for an organization that isn’t part of a larger system, but wants to enable a quality assurance process that empowers faculty and staff to conduct course reviews and lead trainings. This Membership gives your organization more autonomy — and more benefits — than a Basic Membership. Using the HE QM Rubric — along with QM tools and resources — your organization can work toward improving course design, meeting QM Standards, and achieving QM certification. Additionally, your staff can become certified to deliver the Applying the QM Rubric and the Improving Your Online Workshop workshops. This reduces your professional development costs and puts you on a path for effectively implementing the QM quality assurance model.

What your Membership includes

  • A fully annotated, web-based HE QM Rubric that shows you what to look for when evaluating your courses
  • A license to facilitate the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)  and the Intro to QM workshops
  • The ability for all institutions to conduct their own course reviews when they are ready for QM certification
  • Two complimentary seats in the QM Coordinator training
  • Discounts on Official QM-managed course reviews, conferences, and professional development
  • MyCR allows you to create custom Rubric worksheets when evaluating courses
  • Custom reports allow your QM Coordinator to track how people are using the membership
  • QM IDA Membership, which connects instructional designers to resources that support their QM efforts
  • The QM Research Library helps you create a culture of quality assurance within your organization
  • Exclusive QM Success Stories webinars from other Members

How to make the most of your Membership

  • Define your quality assurance goals for course improvement and create a QM implementation plan
  • Review and share QM Research resources
  • Select a QM Coordinator who will champion QM and inspire effective implementation across your organization
  • Consider the professional development needs of your faculty and staff for learning to use the QM Rubric, facilitating workshops, and improving courses
  • Select the courses that you want to review

Become part of a community that believes quality matters

Once you become a QM member, you can begin to spread the word at your organization and build support for quality assurance in online learning. Anytime you need support, the QM Community is here for you.  

Next steps — activate your Membership

  1. Select your QM Coordinator
  2. Fill out the form on the right
  3. Review, sign, and return the Subscription Agreement you’ll receive via email
  4. Process payment information received with the Subscription Agreement
  5. Create MyQM Accounts and start using your membership

Resources and community await you

  • Gain access to research and insights related to QM and online learning
  • Get support from QM Colleagues
  • Learn from QM Success Stories  
  • Attend conferences at a discounted rate
  • Introduce Instructional Designers to the QM IDA
  • See options for getting your team up to speed by completing the “Applying the Quality Matters Rubric” workshop