What are QM Digital Credentials?

QM Digital Credentials provide official recognition of your QM roles and knowledge. They are awarded upon completion of select professional development workshops and courses. They are also awarded to those holding QM-Certified roles. QM Digital Credentials can be shared digitally, providing visibility of your QM achievements, and are backed with metadata that explains what the credential means, what it took to earn it and when it expires. This is especially beneficial today as many employers list QM experience or reference specific QM activity in job descriptions. 

Which QM professional development workshops and courses have QM Digital Credentials?


Higher Ed


Teaching Online Certificate*

  • Gauging Your Technology Skills
  • Evaluating Your Course Design
  • Exploring Your Institution’s Policies
  • Orienting Your Online Learners
  • Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies
  • Creating Presence in your Online Course
  • Assessing Your Learners

Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) — Fifth & Sixth Editions


Applying the QM K-12 Rubric— Fourth & Fifth Editions


Peer Reviewer Course


K-12 Reviewer Course


Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)


Designing Your Online Course (DYOC)


*QM Digital Credentials are awarded upon successful completion of each Teaching Online Certificate workshop. Earning all seven QM Digital Credentials earns participants the Teaching Online Certificate. 


Which QM roles receive QM Digital Credentials?


Higher Ed


QM-Certified Peer Reviewer 


QM-Certified Reviewer


QM-Certified Master Reviewer 

QM-Certified APPQMR Online Facilitator 

QM-Certified APPQMR F2F Facilitator 

QM-Certified IYOC Online Facilitator 


QM-Certified IYOC F2F Facilitator


QM-Certified DYOC Online Facilitator 


QM-Certified DYOC F2F Facilitator 


QM-Certified Course Review Manager


Find out which workshops and courses you have completed, and which roles you hold, by referencing your MyQM account. If you have completed a course/workshop or hold a role listed above, you will be issued a QM Digital Credential through Credly.  

For workshops and courses:
  • Log in to MyQM 
  • Navigate to My Activity and select Certificates
For QM roles:
  • Log in to MyQM 
  • Navigate to My Account and select Roles
  • If you do not see a role application available for the role, your role is “Approved” 
  • Ensure that your role status is “Approved” by completing the role application process

How do I claim my QM Digital Credentials?

Create an account with Credly (formerly Acclaim) using the same email address you use for your MyQM account. Your QM Digital Credentials will be sent to that email address, so using the same address is the best way to make sure you are notified and able to accept the credentials. You will receive an email from Credly for each credential.

If you already have a Credly account that uses an email address other than the one associated with your MyQM account, please read "Can I add multiple emails to my account?” and follow the instructions to add the email address associated with your MyQM account to your Credly account. 

QM encourages recipients to accept any earned QM Digital Credentials, but it is not mandatory. Certificates of Completion will continue to be available through MyQM accounts.

When will I receive my QM Digital Credential?

The issuing of QM digital credentials will occur through a phased approach beginning in May 2021. The initial rollout is expected to take several weeks. During this phase, digital credentials will be issued retroactively for select professional development completed after July 31, 2014, using the following QM Rubrics:

  • Higher Education Rubric, Fifth Edition
  • Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition
  • K-12 Rubric, Fourth Edition
  • K-12 Rubric, Fifth Edition

Newly earned digital credentials will be issued the day after either 1) a workshop participant is marked "complete" in MyQM or 2) a submitted role application is approved.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Questions related to Credly, including managing your account, claiming credentials and sharing credentials on social media should be directed to Credly. Resources and contact information can be found on their support page

Questions related to which credentials you are eligible for should be directed to QM. You can email us or submit a Help Ticket for assistance.