Reviewer Course for Program Reviews

Reviewer Course for Program Reviews

Get certified to chair Program Review teams.
Online Delivery (Asynchronous)
Course Length:
2 weeks (15 days)
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Fee (Single Registration):

Please refer to the Schedule & Checklist for more information on course requirements.

The Reviewer Course for Program Reviews prepares certified QM Master Reviewers to serve on Program Review teams. This certification course includes an overview of QM Program Certification, with an emphasis on how it differs from QM Course Certification, as well as a series of activities designed to simulate the Program Review process.

Learning Objectives
  1. Explain the QM Program Certification process.
  2. Communicate as expected by QM during a QM Program Review.
  3. Evaluate programs seeking QM Certification according to the policies and procedures established by QM.
  4. Use the Program Review Management System.
  5. Explain the importance of fulfilling the role of QM-Certified Program Reviewer and Team Chair.
  • Current QM certification for Master Reviewer role
  • Ability to Read and Write Standard Business English
What Participants Need

21-22 hours estimated time to complete

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Offered as Online Workshop for a Group:
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